Lin, the worst criticism of all time ‘stumbling’… “I have never been criticized for vocals in 15 years.” (Active King of Singers)


(Reporter Lee Seul, Xports News) Lin, the ‘active king of singers’, appears completely petrified by the worst criticism he received on his first traditional trot challenge stage.

In the 7th episode of MBN’s ‘King of Active Singers’, which airs on the 9th, the remaining stages of ‘One Song Confrontation’, the first round of the third round of the finals, and the second round ‘flipping bout’ will be held. In the third round of the finals, there are a series of unconventional performances, such as a best friend of 10 years of friendship naming his opponent as the opponent, and a transformation of cutting off 20cm of his long straight hair.


Lin, who has been active for 0 years and received a warm response from the first episode of ‘King of Active Singer’ by showing his sincerity and passion for trot, heightens the tension by appearing to receive the harshest criticism on stage so far.

Lin, who had the right to nominate the ‘One Song Competition’, boldly nominated the current ‘traditional trot powerhouse’ with a significant age gap, saying, “He sings in a style I really like.” Moreover, Lin surprises everyone with her ‘all or nothing’ game, breaking away from her fusion trot, such as emotional trot and ballad trot, which are her special strengths, and selecting authentic trot, which is her opponent’s specialty.

Lin and his opponent Hyun-yeok, who came on stage, gave goosebumps by demonstrating perfect interpretation of the song based on their unique tone and breathing. However, as soon as Lin’s song ended, there was a moment of silence in the master’s box, and a master took the microphone and said to Lin, “Isn’t being good at singing the main thing?”She pointed out Lin’s stage and singing style one by one. It shocks the scene.

Next, Lin, who showed an expression of anxiety and embarrassment with her pupils shaking, drew everyone’s attention by revealing her true feelings about the harsh review, saying, “I have never been criticized for my vocals in nearly 15 years.”


Immediately after the stage, Shin Dong-yeop also heightened the tension with a comment that swept away his surprised heart, saying, “So many surprising situations are happening,” and the question of what really happened in the third round of the finals, the final step to the semifinals, was raised on Dark Horse Lin’s first authentic trot stage. It raises curiosity about what kind of problem occurred.

The ‘King of Active Singer’ production team said, “Lin appears to be reeling from unexpected harsh criticism on her first trot stage, which she attempted with enthusiasm,” and added, “In the broadcast on the 9th (today), stages of upheaval and turmoil appear one after another. “Please look forward to the third game of the finals.”

Meanwhile, episode 7 of ‘Active King of Singer’ will be broadcast at 9:40 pm on the 9th.

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