‘Single For Men’ Pang Hyeon-suk “I haven’t kissed Choi Yang-rak since I got married.” [TV Spoiler]

Take off your shoes, Single For Men / Photo = Provided by SBS
Take off your shoes, Single For Men / Photo = Provided by SBS

[Sports Today Reporter Song Oh-jeong] The first comedian couple, Choi Yang-rak

In SBS’s ‘Shoes Off, Single for Men’ (hereinafter ‘Single for Men’ with Shoes Off), which airs on the 9th, the love story of Choi Yang-rak and Pang Hyeon-sook, a couple who have been married for 36 years, is revealed in detail.

The two attracted attention by revealing an anecdote about how they often kissed behind the set whenever they had time when they were dating in the past. Pang Hyeon-suk married Choi Yang-rak, dreaming of a romantic marriage, but she showed a straight face and said, “After marriage, she has never kissed me,”making everyone burst into laughter.

Next, the polar opposite marriage lives of Choi Yang-rak, a man from Chungcheong Province, and Pang Hyeon-suk, a woman from Gyeongsang Province, are revealed. Choi Yang-rak’s grandfather said, “He had chosen Pang Hyeon-suk as his daughter-in-law even before marriage,”and Choi Yang-rak devastated the scene by saying, “Actually, he died while confusing Pang Hyeon-suk and Im Mi-suk.”Meanwhile, Pang Hyeon-sook, the hot daughter-in-law of Gyeongsang Province, made people laugh by telling an anecdote about how Choi Yang-rak’s family changed 180 degrees after marriage, such as putting lobster on the ancestral rite table, saying, “The ancestors will understand.”

Afterwards, ‘Single for Men’ The commonality between the four people and Choi Yang-rak was revealed. Choi Yang-rak and Lim Won-hee looked alike, and when Lim Won-hee vehemently denied this, saying that she was not ugly, Choi Yang-rak firmly said, “You’re right, you’re ugly,”and threw a nuclear bomb-level fastball, making everyone laugh. I was hugged.

Meanwhile, Choi Yang-rak appeared embarrassed as it was revealed that he had committed numerous crimes, including receiving payment for his name from Pang Hyeon-sook, who wanted to use his name for business, and running away from home after staying out without permission. Accordingly, when ‘Single For Men’ asked Choi Yang-rak for an explanation, Choi Yang-rak said, “Do you want everyone to be like you?” It is said that he made the station a sea of ​​laughter.

The amazing chemistry between legendary comedian couple Choi Yang-rak

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