‘Retired veteran’ Lee Yi-kyung, confident from the first filming, “I will break a new record as a longevity professional”… Citizens and Tiki Taka explode


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Chae-yeon] Lee Yi-kyung, who will be the sole MC for the new web entertainment show ‘Retired Person: The person who reviews all stations around the world’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Retired Person’), showed great confidence from the first filming, saying, “I think we will break a new record for a long-running program.” Expectations are gathering.

‘Discharged Person’, which will be released for the first time on the 9th, is a full-fledged wandering program that visits various stations located in downtown areas, which are considered meeting places, and explores the charms of the surrounding area. OOTV, a production company that is gaining popularity among the MZ generation with its fresh materials and differentiated plans, is releasing its first content for the new year of 2024. OOTV’s Go Dong-wan, the original producer of the hit web entertainment shows ‘Walkman’ and ‘King of Negotiations’ The PD production team plans and produces. We plan to visit all stations around the world, including subway stations and train stations, and explore various information and stories by going inside and outside the stations. We plan to meet citizens and introduce so-called ‘local recommended’ hot places to provide useful information, sympathy, and fun..

In ‘Discharged Person’, which will be released for the first time on the YouTube channel OOTB STUDIO at 6 PM today (9th), Lee Yi-kyung is expected to be active in all directions from the first episode, predicting that it will become a long-running program. Lee Lee-kyung, who appeared ‘fully charged’ with both passion and sense of entertainment as the sole MC, showed ‘grounded confidence’ during a conversation with the production crew during the opening filming, saying, “Our show will break the existing record of a long-running program.” It stimulates curiosity as to what the source of his confidence is.


In the first filming, which took place at Seoul Station, the foundation of Korea’s railway system, Lee Yi-kyung thoroughly examines the inside and outside of the station, which seemed familiar, and ‘quickly’ grasps new information that he had not previously known. In particular, what surprised him the most was the lost and found center, where more than 200 items come in every day. Lee Yi-kyung, who could not keep quiet about the shocking testimony of the person in charge that “5 million won in cash was reported as lost and found,”said, “There are a lot of people who have lost their minds. Please come to your senses,”causing laughter with ‘poignant words of gratitude’ from the beginning of the year.. In addition, Lee Yi-kyung is expected to conduct interviews with Seoul Station employees, discover useful riding information for citizens and travelers, and share various useful tips.

Moreover, it is said that Lee Yi-kyung showed great immersion in the concept of a ‘military veteran’ throughout the filming, constantly causing laughter and satisfaction. He caught people’s attention by appearing on a subway crowded with citizens, and raised the tension even further with an unusual ‘report of discharge’, saying, “I have been ordered to be discharged!”He also collects vivid information by asking Seoul Station employees about nearby restaurants, as well as communicating freely with citizens and even performing impromptu situation plays. In addition, it is expected to provide fun by visiting ‘hot spots’ around Seoul Station and even arranging for direct filming, enjoying the life of a ‘military veteran’ 100%.

The production team said, “Lee Yi-kyung is well-known for her extraordinary friendliness, so even in the first recording, she approached the citizens in a friendly way and performed tiki-taka, and even went so far as to recruit people to introduce restaurants recommended by citizens, and did a great job.” “Please look forward to a wealth of information and pleasant fun, including the various stations across the country that will be introduced, the ‘Hot Place Map’ that will be created by running around, and the laughter-filled talks with citizens.”

Meanwhile, ‘Discharged Person’ starring Lee Yi-kyung will be released for the first time on the OT Studio YouTube channel at 6 PM on the 9th, and will be uploaded every Tuesday at 6 PM. /cykim@osen.co.kr

[Photo] OTV

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