‘Life 84’ Ahn Bo-hyun “Gian Awards Grand Prize? If you just call me…”[Byulbyeol TV]

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/Photo='Life 84' capture
/Photo=’Life 84′ capture

Actor Ahn Bo-hyun expressed his feelings about winning the grand prize at the ‘Kian Awards’.

On the 19th, a video titled ‘Ahn Bo-hyun’s drinking review’ was posted on the YouTube channel ‘Life 84’. Ahn Bo-hyun and Lee Si-eon appeared as guests on this day.

In the released video, Kian84 presented the trophy to Ahn Bo-hyun, who won the grand prize at the ‘Kian Awards’. He burst out laughing, saying, “I won the grand prize even though I’ve never appeared before.”

In response, Ahn Bo-hyun said, “I watched it because the fans tagged me, and they gave it to me.” “Thank you,” he said with a puzzled expression. He then said, “This is my first time receiving the grand prize, so if it helps you in the future, please call me,” and “I can’t believe I won the grand prize,” making people laugh.

In response, Kian84 said, “This may be the first and last awards ceremony. He cautioned, “Don’t leave your trophy behind when you leave,” which made people laugh. Lee Si-eon, who was watching from the side, congratulated Ahn Bo-hyun for winning the grand prize, saying, “I’m jealous.”

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