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Photo provided by tvN
Photo provided by tvN

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‘Unhygienic kimbap’ Has the label become outdated? ‘I happened to be the boss’ With only one episode left until the end of Season 3, the show experienced the humiliation of declining viewership ratings for five consecutive weeks. Beyond the country, ‘a country of immigrants’ Although an expanded scale was introduced in the United States, ‘Accidentally the President”s simple and warm identity was shaken and both fun and healing were lost.

‘How did I become the boss’ Season 3 attracted a lot of attention even before it was broadcast. This is because it was known that at the time of filming in August, local media in the United States also covered and reported the filming site and showed great interest. In the winter of 2021, it started at a rural supermarket in Hwacheon, Gangwon-do, went beyond a discount mart in Gongsan, Naju, and advanced into the Asia Market located in Monterey, USA. Expectations were high for Cha Tae-hyun and Jo In-seong’s performance.

The charm of ‘Somehow the Boss’ was not flashy, but the warmth that comes from simplicity. Even as the scale grew, the back and forth between the bosses, employees, and customers visiting the store gave a calming feeling and healing, and the chemistry with the unique part-timers was refreshing. It was fun.

Photo provided by tvN
Photo provided by tvN

However, what caught my eye the most in the unveiled ‘Somehow Boss 3′ was not the communication with Korean residents who miss their hometown in the U.S., nor the eventful adjustment period of the bosses and part-time workers. It was 39;unhygienic’ Controversy over hygiene arose as there were repeated scenes of the cast making kimbap and food without wearing sanitary masks and tasting food with hands wearing sanitary gloves.

Until Season 2, when wearing masks indoors was mandatory due to COVID-19 quarantine rules, everyone worked wearing transparent masks, but the problem was that not everyone wore masks in this season. This is a violation of the Food Sanitation Act, and people directly engaged in the manufacturing, processing, cooking, or packaging of food, etc., must wear a sanitary hat and mask separately from the mandatory adjustment of wearing indoor masks, which has led to criticism.

As the controversy did not subside, the production team bowed their heads within a week, saying, “This is entirely the production team’s fault.”At the same time, he emphasized that he felt regretful and sorry that the actors’ efforts to manage hygiene were not properly communicated.

Photo provided by tvN
Photo provided by tvN

Because filming has already been completed, it is impossible to cut out all the scenes of making kimbap. That’s why viewership ratings fell to the 5% range after the hygiene controversy and stagnated with no upward trend. This is not just because of the hygiene controversy. Literally, ‘kimbap hell’ unfolded, creating a different atmosphere from last season. The part-time workers ended up only eating kimbap all day, and as the kitchen and kimbap were combined in a larger space, communication and conversation with customers decreased. Due to the unfamiliar environment and language barrier, viewers were also unable to enjoy the show with the same level of comfort as before.

The true charm of ‘Accidentally the President’ lies in season 1. This is the image of Cha Tae-hyun and Jo In-seong exuding a human scent while mingling with local elders in a quiet supermarket in an unfamiliar countryside. This means that there is no need to increase the scale as the season progresses. Most of the public, excluding regular viewers, lost interest in ‘Somehow the President’ and left. That’s why it’s also a shame that Park Bo-young’s ‘loveliness’, which appeared in the latter part of the film, was buried. The last guest will be Hong Kyung-min, who graced the finale of every season. If there is a next season of ‘Accidentally the President’, it would be a good idea to go back to the beginning in Korea rather than abroad.

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