“My blood pressure rises with every line of Kim Joong-hee’s line”…’My Boyfriend’ The eyes of an obnoxious old boss


[OSEN=Reporter Choi Na-young] Actress Kim Joong-hee, the old boss of ‘Marry My Husband’, captured the attention of the home theater.

In the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Marry My Husband’ (written by Shin Yu-dam/directed by Park Won-guk, Han Jin-sun/planned by Studio Dragon/produced by DK E&M), Kim Joong-hee is the boss of Kang Ji-won (played by Park Min-young) and an incompetent person who is always harsh towards his subordinates. He is playing the role of manager Kim Kyung-wook.

Kim Jung-hee, who sticks to the character of Kim Kyeong-wook, perfectly portrays Jin-sang’s boss and makes office workers empathize with the reality, adding to the fun of the play.

In the scene where Kang Ji-won (played by Park Min-young) reminisces about her painful past, Kim Kyung-wook shoots her without stopping as she feels a stomachache and is bleeding from the nose. From her first appearance, Kim Joong-hee left a strong impression by realistically portraying her obnoxious old boss.

In particular, Kim Joong-hee had a perfect command of his casual attitude and tone of voice, making viewers who were watching Kim Kyung-wook become overly immersed in the drama. Gyeong-wook threw away Ji-won’s plan without even reading it and did not hesitate to verbally abuse her. Furthermore, when he saw female employees he did not like, he continued to behave rudely, such as making fun of Sangtae and calling them “meh”, and telling them to prepare again because he did not like the direction in which the meeting materials were stapled.

The only person who was gentle with Gyeong-wook was Jeong Soo-min (played by Song Ha-yoon), who treated him with a charming tone. When her Sumin calls himself her brother, Gyeong-wook imagines marrying her and giving birth to her child, making viewers burst into laughter.

Then, when Sumin called him oppa once again, he showed his ecstatic expression and ironically said, “From now on, you’re my real oppa!” , showing off the side of the most obnoxious person. In this way, Kim Jung-hee captured the attention of viewers by expressing the character of Kim Kyeong-wook, the ‘example of a loser’, in a detailed and humorous way, including her gait, tone of voice, and even minor habits.

Seeing Kim Joong-hee’s appearance, viewers said, “Every line of Kim Joong-hee’s line raises my blood pressure,””Please let me hit him just once,”and “Read the devil, is this Kim Joong-hee from Moving?”He responded enthusiastically to his realistic and enthusiastic performance, saying, “It’s an act with a different face.”

Broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 8:50 PM.


[Photo] ‘Marry my husband’ broadcast capture

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