‘Organic Boy’ Park Jin-young’s betrayal…unbridled by temptation, “everything is delicious” burst of laughter


[OSEN=Reporter Kim Soo-hyung] Park Jin-young, known as the organic boy in ‘Golden Girls’, loosened his grip in front of Tteokbokki and made people laugh.

Park Jin-young attracted attention in the KBS2TV entertainment ‘Golden Girls’ broadcast on the 19th.

On this day, the members arrived at the rest area. The members laughed at Park Jin-young, who was called ‘Golbeoji,””Is your dad living there?”Park Jin-young flexed 17,500 won, saying “You should listen carefully,”and “land. “Look and see if you find 17,500 won,” he said. She burst out laughing, saying, “Jeong-jin is also from the old days, and only my mother used this story.”


Then, the rest area mukbang started. The members went snack shopping. When asked how long it has been since Park Jin-young has been at the rest area, Park Ji-young said, “I don’t remember,”and said that she had been eating at rest areas for a long time, and she said, “I guarantee that viewers will buy fish cakes when they see this.”At this, everyone burst into laughter, saying, “I can’t stand fish cakes in the middle of winter. It seems like I’m trying to eat it.”Park Jin-young said, “Sounds that shouldn’t come out of a girl group,”and made everyone fall in love with the charm of the 5th generation girl group.

So I bought a lot of snacks and took the bus again. The members brought plenty of snacks, saying, “The production crew will also eat them together,” and naturally continued the mukbang.


However, Park Jin-young, who insisted on organic farming, did not eat but just stared. Accordingly, the members were tempted, saying, “You can eat it sometimes, but it also has to contain MSG.” In the end, Park Jin-young tasted a bite of tteokbokki and fell in love with the taste, saying, “It’s so delicious, it’s no joke.” The members laughed and said, “It’s been a while since I had street food,”and Park Jin-young said, “It’s organic and it’s so delicious, there’s no need for anything,”making them laugh. Everyone agreed that “happiness is nearby.”

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