Park Hyun-ho, “I changed from idol to trot… I had a hard time, but I gained a competitive spirit” [N Interview]

Hyunho Park
Hyunho Park
Hyunho Park
Hyunho Park

(Seoul = News 1) Reporter Hwang Mi-hyeon = MBN’s ‘Burning Trotman’ Top 10 Park Hyun-ho celebrates his 10th anniversary this year. Park Hyun-ho, who has 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry, says, “He has always been up for challenges.” Park Hyun-ho turned into a trot singer, and in his second act, he showed his determination to stand tall like a rookie.

Park Hyun-ho debuted as the lead vocalist of the idol group Topp Dogg in 2013, and also worked as a musical actor through the musical ‘Gone with the Wind’ in 2015. In the MBN trot audition ‘Flaming Trotman’, which attracted attention in the first half of 2023, he ranked in the top 10 with his handsome appearance, outstanding singing ability, and outstanding choreography skills.

Park Hyun-ho, who was the lead vocalist when he was active as an idol, turned into a trot singer at Hong Jin-young’s suggestion. At the words of Hong Jin-young, who discovered the potential in Park Hyun-ho’s tone, Park Hyun-ho entered a new path after deep consideration. Park Hyun-ho went through repeated practice and feedback from experts, and was fully recognized for his capabilities as a trot singer in ‘Burning Trotman’.

Hyunho Park
Hyunho Park

He released his song for the first time on the 18th after the end of ‘Burning Trotman’. Park Hyun-ho’s new song ‘1,2,3 go!’ is a crossover between the exciting jazz shuffle rhythm and the trot genre. It is a song that combines a cheerful and sensuous beat and melody with point choreography that is easy for anyone to follow. Park Hyun-ho participated as a lyricist in this song, putting thoughts from his own experiences into the song.

Park Hyun-ho, who recently visited News 1, expressed his determination, saying, “As a trot singer, I will work hard until the day I hold a solo concert.”

The following is a Q&A.

-Please introduce the new song ‘1,2,3 go!’

▶I wanted to give upbeat music and exciting energy to the hopeful lyrics. Participated in writing lyrics. It contains my story. I hoped that when you were tired, you would listen to this song and gain strength.

-What kind of charm did you want to promote through this song?

Hyunho Park
Hyunho Park

▶I want to let people know that I am a person with friendly and bright energy.

-What did you pay most attention to while working on this song?

▶The public must be able to receive comfort, but how much comfort can be given? I worried about this part the most. Can the public gain strength? I thought a lot about the lyrics. There is a reason why I chose the message of wanting to give strength. I’ve been taking on the challenge for 10 years. Just like I’m trying trot right now. I wanted to convey the feeling that if I look at myself now and keep working hard, I can achieve anything anywhere.

-This is your first comeback after appearing in ‘Burning Trotman,’ how do you feel about it? I’m curious what your goals are.

▶I am not nervous. I’m excited. I want to make my name and face known through this song. I’ve been active for 10 years, but you don’t know me very well. I want to inform the public.

Hyunho Park
Hyunho Park

-It’s been 10 years since your debut. Did you have any worries about transitioning from an idol to a trot singer?

▶I was in the same agency as senior Hong Jin-young. At that time, senior Jinyoung Hong suggested, ‘You should try trot.’ She said she thought my voice would suit trot. Afterwards, she thought deeply and gained courage while in the military. Aren’t idols supposed to have charisma? On the other hand, trot singers have to be friendly and sly in some ways, but trot singers are a better fit for me due to my personality. My personality is very cheerful and I tend to approach first.

-Isn’t the trot singing method very different? What efforts did you make?

▶I took lessons and listened to a lot of my seniors’ songs. She went through corrections with experts.

-From idols to solo singers, musicals, and currently trot, there are a lot of changes. I think there must have been some heartache.

▶It was difficult. No matter how many times I tried, I felt like I couldn’t succeed. Isn’t it my way? I was tired of not being able to shine, wondering if I was a person who did not fit in with the public. But this is what I’ve been doing all along, so I was at a loss when trying to do something else. I thought, let’s try it, whether it’s porridge or rice. He has a positive personality, is greedy, and has a strong competitive spirit.

Hyunho Park
Hyunho Park

-Are you satisfied with your current life?

▶I am not satisfied. I have yet to feel that this is the right path. Placing 10th in ‘Burning Trotman’ didn’t bring much change in my life. I think it’s time to start making it now. I think we need to move forward based on this.

-I think the fan base is different and the way we communicate is different compared to when we were idols.

▶The main age group of fan club members is those in their 40s and 50s. Maybe it’s because I was raised by my grandmother, but I feel comfortable talking to adults. Even when I was an idol, I felt like I could communicate better when I talked to people higher up than the members. I think it suits me well.

-You did the ‘Burning Trotman’ national tour concert.

▶We selected the best songs among the songs that were competed during the broadcast and performed them on stage. As I stood on stage, I really thought about having a solo concert under my name.

-Future activity plans

▶I think I will do music broadcasting, radio, etc. I also want to do entertainment, and I am prepared to work hard for whatever comes my way. I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 10 years, but I feel like a rookie now more than ever. I’m thinking of releasing a sad song this winter. I want to show my various sides often so that my fans can cheer for me.

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