Park Myung-soo appears on ‘Gag Concert’. Impromptu N-line poetry and audience communication challenge


[OSEN=Reporter Choi Yi-jeong] ‘Geosung’ Park Myung-soo appears on ‘Gag Concert’

Park Myung-soo will make a special appearance on KBS2’s ‘Gag Concert’, which will be aired on the 21st. Park Myung-soo will appear in ‘Nitong’s Human Theater’ and ‘King of Communication, Malja Grandma’ and will show the dignity of a comedian with 30 years of experience.

In a recent recording, Park Myung-soo appeared in ‘Nitong’s Human Theater’ He surprised the audience by making a surprise appearance in the corner. In particular, the well-known ‘N line poem’ was a word suggested on the spot by the audience. It raises expectations as it is said to have shown a craftsmanlike quality.

In ‘Communication King Malja Grandma’, Park Myung-soo appears as a communication manager and sets out to solve the audience’s concerns. However, another communication expert interrupts Park Myung-soo’s time. The identity of another communication expert who stimulated Park Myung-soo will be revealed in this broadcast.


Following last week’s ‘Simgok Police Station’, a new corner ‘Escort Warrior’ has booked Big Fun. The new corner ‘Warrior Guard’ starring Hong Hyun-ho, Lee Chang-yoon, Kang Joo-won, Song Young-gil, Jeong Seung-hwan, Kim Byeong-wook, and Kim Seong-won is a ‘Warrior Guard’ about a ‘King’ who needs a bodyguard to protect him. This corner tells the story of Hong Hyun-ho and the strong-minded bodyguards who upset him.

In addition, ‘Jeon Yong-gi’ and ‘Fake’, parodies of e-sports legend caster Jeon Yong-jun and world-class professional gamer Faker, are new characters in ‘Bongsunga School’ It is expected to appear and deliver fresh laughter.

In addition, ‘My Ugly Dad’, ‘Simgok Police Box’, ‘Geumjjok Kindergarten’, and ‘How about Defcon?’ Ready to press the laugh button.

Meanwhile, ‘Gag Concert’ airs every Sunday at 10:25 PM on KBS2.


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