‘Suspicion of affair’ Kang Kyung-jun, appointed lawyer… Possibility of agreement with plaintiff [Ex’s issue]


(Reporter Lee Ye-jin, Xports News) It is known that Kang Kyung-jun, who was embroiled in a lawsuit claiming alimony for an incestuous man, did not submit a notice to the court even though he appointed a lawyer. Accordingly, the possibility of attempting to reach a settlement with the plaintiff is also emerging.

On the 19th, the Sunday Newspaper reported that Kang Kyung-jun had already appointed a lawyer, and that even after appointing a lawyer, he did not submit a notice to the court.

Considering that no notice of seniority was provided, it was predicted that there was a possibility that they would attempt to reach an agreement with the plaintiff rather than prepare for trial. The plaintiff’s lawyer indicated that there were discussions regarding this with Kang Kyung-jun’s side.

According to Jang Shin-young’s couple’s acquaintances and industry officials, it appears that Jang Shin-young is not currently preparing for a divorce suit or a suit for alimony for an adulterous woman. She said she is directing her efforts toward a speedy resolution of the incestuous alimony lawsuit against the accused.


On the 3rd, it became known that Kang Kyung-jun was accused of being a man of incest. Since then, Kang Kyung-jun has not expressed any particular stance and has remained silent for 15 days.

The agency, which said it was a “misunderstanding”and “will respond sequentially,”also announced that the exclusive contract had expired on the 8th, and was in a situation of ‘losing money.’ Criticism and controversy continue because Kang Kyung-jun does not clearly state his position.

A message from a person presumed to be A, the woman with whom he was having an affair, was revealed, and it was also reported that Jang Shin-young was so shocked by this incident that she shed tears, garnering attention day after day. In addition, it was also reported that Mr. A had cut off all contact and disappeared into hiding.

According to reports, this case may be concluded sooner than expected as Kang Kyung-jun appoints a lawyer to try to reach an agreement with the other party.

There is also a possibility that media response will resume after the lawsuit claiming alimony for an incestuous man is resolved. Interest continues to grow as to what position he will reveal in the future and how he will stand before the public.

Meanwhile, he was sued for damages on December 26 last year. The bill is 50 million won. The plaintiff claimed that Kang Kyung-jun committed cheating despite knowing that his wife, A, was a married woman.

Kang Kyung-jun married Jang Shin-young in 2018 and they have two sons. His first son is the child of Jang Shin-young and her ex-husband, but is listed on Kang Gyeong-jun’s family register.

Jang Shin-young was an actress under K-Star Global Entity along with Kang Kyeong-jun, but it was belatedly announced that her exclusive contract expired early last year due to this incident.

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